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You are you and no one can do you better! As friends we are often the first to advocate for our peers. Telling our friends to take a minute to themselves, stop worrying or not to let people tell them who they can be…. It’s second nature to us. But how often do we advocate that hard for ourselves? We brush ourselves under the rug and often disregard our needs as unimportant. 

I challenge you today to take your own advice and give yourself a break!

Advocate and invest in yourself!

Advocating and Investing in yourself can look very different for each individual person. I point this out because although I am happy that #selfcare is trending, I am not necessarily talking about the mainstream selfcare techniques. 

Here are some things that you can do to embrace your true self.

Give yourself time

Time can be one of the biggest blessings you can give yourself. Whether it’s spending an hour sitting in your car talking to someone for life advice (personal experience) or taking a mental health day from work so that you can feel caught up with life. These are extremely beneficial gifts that you can give yourself  that will help you grow. 

Invest in the things that build you up

Investing energy in things that make you feel competent creates success in your life. Invest time in listening or reading a self help book or taking a class in something that balances out your life. There’s a lot of great free resources online like intro to photography courses and such. Investing in your hobbies or even things that makes you better in your job is part of embracing who you are. 

Find Empowerment in saying NO!

This is sooo important. When wanting to form connections with others, we can feel obligated to want to always say yes to doing favors for others or being the first one to just in to help. As much as we should all have a giving spirit, we need to also make sure that we don’t burn ourselves out. Society will often make us feel guilty for saying “No” to things and will judge us for it. However if we don’t say “No” every once in a while, we will burn ourselves out and have nothing left to give. 

Understand that Your Time and Energy is important. 

Your time and energy is important. Focus on how to utilize that time and energy to its full potential. This can also mean finding ways to give yourself more energy. Eating healthier and blessing your body with nutrition can help you feel more productive throughout your day and is another way of embracing you by allowing yourself to function at your best. 

Investing in yourself consistently will not only improve your mood but will improve your self esteem as well! Click here for research on Self Identity Theory

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