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When someone calls AMALA

Who picks up?

AMALA Hopeline

Peer Support

AMALA’s youth volunteers, all over the age of 18. Our Counselors undergo a 30 hour training developed by professionals in the mental health field. 

They are trained
para-professional providing peer support

This includes topics such as:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse

Volunteers are equipped to help callers and recognize cultural nuances that may be impacting the caller.

 Follow-up trainings and meetings are also held for volunteer counselors to make sure they are well equipped to deal with each call they receive. Supervisors are also present at each shift to handle more difficult calls/situations. These hopeline peer counselors are NOT licensed professionals.

What is MAS-SSF?

The Muslim American Society Social Services Foundation (MAS-SSF) in Sacramento sponsors and is the mother organization of the AMALA Hopeline. MAS-SSF is a part of MAS Sacramento, which is a local chapter of the national Muslim American Society.

MAS-SSF offers a variety of social services for the Muslim community. These services include counseling- personal or group, support groups, educational workshops on mental health/stress management, premarital counseling, and resource referral.

Learn more about them on their website: