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Would you like to be part

of this amazing community?

How You Can Help…

There are many ways you can be involved with the Amala Youth Hopeline:

  • Follow and share our campaigns on social media
  • Share articles, content and resources from our website
  • Volunteer to work at our table during events handing out brochures and talking to fellow-youths about the benefits of calling Amala
  • Volunteer to be a spokesperson for Amala at your local mosque and at community events

We Accept Applications on an Ongoing Basis

You can make a difference in the lives of your peers who are seeking guidance and support!

Volunteers don’t have to be local to work with us. The training is done virtually so you can make a difference from anywhere.

Submitting the Application

Once you have filled out the application, please email it as an attachment to

Remember To

  • Title the document as “Last Name, First Name”
  • Title the email subject: Peer Counselor Application: Last Name, First Name
  • If anything is unclear regarding the job description, requirements, or application, please email us at the same email address, but title the email: “Peer Counselor App Inquiry.”