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Are you ready to be part

Of this amazing community?

How You Can Help…

There are so many ways you can be a part of AMALA.

  • Be a part of our campaigns on social media
  • Share articles, content and resources on our website and social media platforms
  • Volunteer to help with Tabling at events
  • Volunteer to be a spokesperson for AMALA with you local Mosques and Community events.

We Accept Applications on a Rolling Basis

Make a difference in the lives of other peers who need guidance and support!

Volunteers do not have to be local to make a difference. Our trainings are virtual so that you can make a difference no matter where you are!

Submitting the Application

Once you have filled out the application, please email it as an attachment to

Remember To

  • Title the document as “Last Name, First Name”
  • Title the email subject: Peer Counselor Application: Last Name, First Name
  • If anything is unclear regarding the job description, requirements, or application, please email us at the same email address, but title the email: “Peer Counselor App Inquiry.”