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This is Amala

Feeling Helpless?

Don’t know where to start to process what you’re going through in a constructive way?

We’re here to help. Our toll-free line is available to you on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6PM-10PM Pacific Time.


We aim to spread hope

The Amala (hope in Arabic) Youth Hopeline provides the community with an accessible form of culturally competent counseling and resource referrals for Muslim youth

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Our mission is to provide:

Compassionate, Educated, Non-Judgemental Understanding

to individuals seeking support. We want to help Muslim youth find the hope that they need for today and in the future.

You are not alone

The fact that many issues within our community aren’t discussed doesn’t mean that individuals are not facing the same stressors that can make our life seem difficult.

In past years, we noticed a growing number of our peers dealing with challenges in damaging and unproductive ways. Some lacked the support system they needed, while others had the support but were afraid to utilize it out of fear of being judged based on their problems. We realized that there are in fact a large number of young Muslims who faced barriers preventing them from seeking support.

Isolation is NOT the solution

As a group of Muslim college students who have grown up in California, we have experienced and seen the challenges that come with growing up as Muslims in the United States. The tipping point that set us into action was a string of six youth suicides in a small Californian Muslim community in a period of two months. The struggles that our community’s youth are facing have become tangible and unavoidable.

The Amala Hopeline began with the aim of providing an accessible, confidential, and culturally competent means of peer counseling and resource referral for Muslim youth.

Roshelle Czar

Youth Coordinator

Roshelle joined MAS-SSF to work on its Covid Program in 2022 then became Youth Coordinator for the Amala Youth Hopeline when the Covid program concluded. She leads the program as a certified peer specialist and a domestic violence counselor. She represents MAS-SSF at numerous events while managing a team of volunteer counselors.

Roshelle was awarded her bachelor’s degree in Women’s & Gender Studies from Sacramento State University in May 2023. Her professional experience includes working in the educational policy sector at the State Capitol and in the mental health field at the Women’s Resource Center and My Sister’s House.

During her free time, she enjoys traveling around the United States and especially enjoys time in Washington, DC. and trying food from different cultures; Mediterranean cuisine leads the list of favorites.

For any inquiries or questions, email Roshelle.