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Suicide is a scary topic to discuss. Even more so when you try to discuss suicide in a cultural/Muslim household. Why are we so afraid to talk about something that has such a huge impact on our society? We are constantly presented with fear surrounding the discussion of mental health and suicidal ideation that quickly becomes internalized. This internalized stigma is the reason that many people in our communities don’t get help and succumb to suicide. It’s long overdue to talk about suicide and what better time to start than Suicide Awareness month. Here are 4 reasons we need to talk about suicide

  1. Talking about suicide helps educate ourselves and others

Talking about the importance of mental health and discussing suicide openly is so important. In talking about this more we can become more educated on resources and know how to support the people we care about. We will be able to pick up on symptoms and can get help for others before it’s too late.

2. Asking someone if they are suicidal doesn’t put the idea in their head

Asking someone if they have had suicidal thoughts will NOT put the idea in their head. This is so important to remember. Asking someone these questions can only be helpful in understand what resources an individual needs. The process of succumbing to suicide is much more complex and will never occur because someone cared to ask the question “Have you thought of suicide?”, “Do you have a place.” These questions can save lives. No individual who has thought of suicide wants to end their life. They are in a tremendous amount of pain and their mental health is not in a healthy state. The affected individual only wants the emotional, mental pain and any other side affects to be removed. Anyone who expressed these thoughts to you needs professional help and validation that what they are feeling is real and that they have someone who cares enough about them to guide them in a safe direction. Please review our education section for more resources on how to help someone in your life who has found a safe place with you.

3. Talking about mental health and suicide doesn’t mean you are encouraging others away from Allah.

Many people will bring up the fact that suicide is haram and anyone thinking or discussing these thoughts or feelings just needs to pray more. It is not that simple and by telling someone they just need to pray more, you are doing more harm than good. The brain is like a car engine that just needs a kick start. This kick start can come in the form of counseling and/or medication. Living on this earth means that we are blessed with resources that help us thrive while we are here.

Here are more resources to learn more about suicide ideation and resources for anyone in your life who may need support.

Click here for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Clic here for Wellspace Health Crisis Line

Click here for FYI Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Click here for FYI Suicide Prevention and Intervention Resources

Share Your stories with us! You can do this anonymously by heading over to “Contact us ” and sharing your stories with us as an inspiration to others.