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5 Tools to Overcome Self Doubt

We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to self-doubt. Our Society adores perfection and it seems that the definition of this so-called perfection is always just out of reach. This can lead us to doubt ourselves or think that we don’t have what it takes to be a success. What is interesting to learn, is even when you take a look at the most successful people or the people you think have achieved greatness, you will find that they all feel a sense of self-doubt. 

It is often a misconception that once you achieve a certain level of accomplishments, self doubt will diminish. Self-doubt is a much more personal and internal struggle to overcome. The positive aspect of this is that you have the ability within yourself at this very moment to claim your worth and diminish any feelings of self-doubt. This process is not overnight – or instant – but awareness is a huge first step to living life to its fullest. Below are a few first steps to take when challenging your self-doubt.

  1. Accept the Imperfections 

Society often doesn’t acknowledge mental health, so the assumption is that you achieve greatness if you never get tired or feel overwhelmed or any other feelings that come from carrying a lot on your shoulders. Make peace with knowing that no one is “perfect.” Everyone has something that they struggle with. We all need support in different ways and there is nothing wrong with that.

  1. Reject Internalized Toxicity 

Unfortunately throughout our lives, we have toxic people pass through and leave hurtful memories, experiences and words that often stay with us and echo in our minds. This collection of toxic experiences can sometimes be internalized and become a part of our own negative self talk. This is especially true for experiences that occur during a young age. Identifying these thoughts is key to overcoming this self talk and reminding yourself that these memories say more about the person you encountered than it does about you. Reject those memories and learn to internalize the positive things you know are true about yourself. 

  1. Hold Realistic Expectations for Yourself

Having goals is great! However don’t hold yourself to such a high standard that you feel like a constant failure for not being able to achieve your goals. Set stepping stone goals (small short term goals) that are able to reflect your efforts. Remember long term goals take time and that is okay.  

  1. Affirmations

Be your own support. Remind yourself of the qualities you like about yourself and embrace them! Give yourself affirmations! “I love the way I care for people,”  “I value my work ethic, “I like that I enjoy being outdoors.” Whatever the case may be, remind yourself of your great qualities and what you contribute to the world. 

  1. Know You Are Enough

You are enough just the way you are. There is nothing wrong with feeling strong emotions while on the road to success. You may need a break, you may feel discouraged and have failures along the way, but that in no way means that you are not on the road to success or deserve great things. You don’t need to give yourself away or work yourself to exhaustion to be worth ENOUGH to acknowledge your worth. Your worth is defined by your character, your values, your ethics and the intentions you set in life. Give yourself for credit for all you contribute to the world BIG and small.

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